Historical background

1971 is considered to be the year of the birth of the Polymer Physics Department of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, later renamed the Institute of Mechanics of Solid Environments of uro RAS. It consisted of 4 laboratories, including the Laboratory of Physical Hydrodynamics (head – Briskman VA) from which in 1979 the Theoretical Sector (the head – Schydomys M.I.).

In 1992, the Theoretical Sector was divided into two laboratories: the Dynamics Laboratory of dispersal systems (head of the A.F. Pshenichnikov) and the Laboratory for the Theory of Anisotropic FluidS theory (head – Reicher Y.L.), from the latter in 2002 was singled out as an independent unit of the Laboratory of Computational Hydrodynamics.

From the first days to the present, the head of the laboratory is Lubimova Tatiana Petrovna.