Laboratory directions

  • Research of equilibrium stability and supracritical convection modes in hydrodynamic systems with deformed section surfaces;

  • Studying the parametric instability of the mechanical equilibrium of hydrodynamic systems in a modulated field of gravity for different environments and heating conditions and studying the effect of noise on parametric instability;

  • Exploring the effect of modulation of parameters, vibrations, rotations and magnetic fields on the stability of equilibrium and the currents of multi-component mixtures in layers and channels;

  • Studying the dynamics of the surfaces of the gas-liquid section, liquid-liquid under the influence of vibrations;

  • Study of the behavior of multiphase environments under the influence of vibrations;

  • Exploring the effect of vibrations and electromagnetic fields on currents, the shape of the crystallization front and the distribution of impurities when growing crystals for microelectronics by Bridgeman, Chohralsky, submerged heater and floating zone in space and earth conditions;

  • Study the movement of compact fluid phase inclusions in a porous environment saturated with other fluid, under the influence of gravity or a gradient of layer pressure, as well as the movement and stability of the displacement front, and the study of the possibility of controlling these processes by influencing the porous environment of vibrations or ultrasound;

  • Develop effective algorithms and software sets to quantify hydrodynamics and heat-mass exchange, including high-performance parallel computing algorithms for three-dimensional tasks.

Research goals

establishing patterns of behavior of heterogeneous environments under the influence of vibrations and electromagnetic fields and the development of methods to control the processes of growing crystals and phase separation processes in earth conditions and cosmic conditions through vibrations, electrical and magnetic fields.

 Keywords: convection, convective and hydrodynamic stability, reologically complex environments, currents and thermal transport in vibration fields.