Professor OA's visit Kabova

On December 21-22, a series of meetings with Dr. Ph.D., head of the laboratory of intensification of heat exchange processes of the Institute of Heat Physics is organized. SS Kutateladze SO RAS (Novosibirsk), co-director of the international laboratory of the Institute of Heat Physics. SS Kutateladze SO RAS and the Free University of Brussels, Professor O.A. It's kabov.

Lectures at pGNIU (aud. 334/1, old. 902):
December 21, 3:15 p.m. – "High-performance next-generation energy systems with nanostructured surfaces" (Seminar No. 1464);
December 21, 4:30 p.m. – "Two-phase currents in micro and mini channels with evaporation" (seminar No. 1465);
December 22, 17:00 – "Wall drip currents and heat exchange in the area of the interphase surface of gas – liquid" (seminar No. 1467).

A seminar (act hall) will be held at IMSS URO RAS:
December 22, 14:00 – "The current and destruction of non-isotermic films of liquid. The gas contact line is liquid – solid body" (seminar No. 1466).

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