V All-Russian Conference with international participation of THE PERM SGIDRODYNAMIC SCIENTIFIC READINGS

We invite you to take part in the 5th All-Russian Conference with international participation "Perm Hydrodynamic Scientific Readings 2018" which will be held at the Perm State National Research University from September 26 to 29, 2018. The conference is dedicated to the memory of the leaders of the Perm Hydrodynamic Science School – the Leading Scientific School of the Russian Federation, professors G.S. Gershuni, E.M. Jukhovitzky and D.V. Lyubimova.

The materials of the reports included in the conference program will be indexed to the RINC. Special editions of international journals from the Scopus and Web of Science databases are planned for some sections of the program.

The electronic version of the report's materials should be issued in accordance with the annexed sample, which is also available on the conference website. The text of the article must be prepared in the Microsoft Word editor, up to 3 pages of The A4 format.

The participant's registration form, together with the materials of the report, must be submitted to the Organizing Committee by May 10, 2018. hydroperm@gmail.com email

Details on the conference website.

The conference is held with the financial support of the Government of the Perm region and the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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